What is Snow Tire, How To Fit

What is Snow Tire, How To Fit

When the winter season comes, nobody owns the car, knows what the season will bring. We often see automobile accidents in the news in the winter season. In fact, the number of these accidents will definitely decrease when precautions are taken.

What is Snow Tire, How To Fit?

As in all areas of life, people who calculate probability are always more profitable and safe. It is the accident caused by vehicles that trigger auto accidents the most in the winter months and do not take measures on slippery grounds. This is where the snow tire and tire chain come into play. What is a snow tire? And the tire chain? We will try to give you detailed information on this matter.

Your car will definitely need one of these two elements in winter. Remember, other people's life is also important with your own life. With the precaution you will take, you will definitely meet one day and you will say that I am wearing it.

What is Snow Tire?

The winter tire has features that are produced for use in the winter months, slightly thicker than normal tires and wider gaps in the sole, as well as preventing ice slipping and increasing traction.

With the law that started in our country in 2015, every year from December 1 to April 1, there is an obligation to install winter tires. There are even various penalties for those who do not comply. In this obligation, private vehicles are separate, but the governorship has the authority to introduce this practice in private vehicles. If we do not have a snow tire, a tire chain comes into play. You can evaluate it according to the conditions of the region.

If the area you live in is mountainous forested village areas, we recommend you to use both. Even if it is not a winter tire, a tire chain is a must! How to fit the tire chain and where to buy it.

How to Install a Tire Chain?

Before installing the tire chain, I recommend that you buy the tacmatic chains mentioned on the market instead of installing parallel chains. Because the tactical chains are both easier to set and long lasting.

Compared to other chains, its shape is diamond-shaped or X patterned. Get the chain according to the size of your tire. Buy your own size according to the measurements on the box. Remember, when you wear the tire chain, do not exceed 50 km. When you put on the tire chain, you have to be very careful about driving, on the contrary, you use it more comfortably, but it is necessary to pay attention to bends and sudden starts and stops.

And it is useful to check the chain once in a while because it will become abundant. If you are on a long road and there is no snow and ice on this road, take it off because it bothers you, slows down and damages the balance settings.

Attach the tacmatic tire chain to the wheels with traction, then install the blue area (this color may be red and different in some) as you see above, bringing it to the rim level. And after going 200 meters, re-examine and stretch the chain again.

News Date: 02-2020